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Traveling With Your Computer For Seniors

There are bags designed specially for the protection of your laptop.

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Some Useful Features Of Krogerfeedback Survey

There are various online platforms which help to understand the value of the products which have been purchased from the shops. Kroger Feedback is one of them. To know the real fact about what the customers feel when they purchase any products or goods. According to the feedback from the customers or purchasers, they can make some changes which are required.

Krogerfeedback is an online platform which allows the customers and its participants to win some valuable gifts, fuel points, grocery cards and many more gift items. The participants can win up to 5000$ gift hampers along with gift cards and some fuel points after accessing to the Kroger feedback survey. The survey had been designed to know about the customer satisfaction so that they can give some reviews and feedback on the purchased items.

Prizes Which Can Be Won After Participating:

Go visit today and after signing in to the survey, the participants will receive many prizes which can be easily used by them at any time. Following are the prize list which can be won after participating:

  • 100$ of gift cards when securing for the first prize.
  • 50 fuel points for free.
  • And the final one is the grand prize which includes the 5000$ gift cards.

Requirements For Participating:

For taking part in the Kroger feedback survey the participant’s needs to fulfill some requirements and according to that only they can be considered as the final participants. Below are some following requirements which should be followed by the participants:

  1. The participants should be 18+ years old.
  2. Proper English and Spanish language should be known.
  3. A fast connection of internet in any of the following device (smartphones, laptop, or desktop).
  4. Appropriate email address.
  5. The participants should be of any of the 50 states present in United States Of America (USA).
  6. A bill receipt from the Kroger’s store in which invitation code should be present.
  7. The company employees are not eligible to participate in the survey.
  8. It’s not compulsory to purchase any of the products from the store to participate in the feedback survey.


Watch Videos Of Your Choice In Your Leisure Time

Videos had taken the internet by the waves. More and more people are watching various types of videos on their phone. However, the primary factor is the internet speed that is often slow while watching the videos online can consume much mobile data. So, what does one do? Avoid watching the interesting vivavideo in their spare time and get relief from boredom? Go for downloading the videos when in a wifi zone and save the mobile data and also enhance the download speed. Watch them offline at leisure time when the daily chores of life are complete. However, to download the videos to watch them on the phone one has to install the any of the vivavideo download application and watch them offline.

Tips For Downloading

After installing the application on the phone from the play store open it. One can search videos on any of the installed vivavideo application and click download to see later. Download viva video then the videos are downloaded and stored in the library to be watched in the future without going online. It saves the mobile data as well as the time and the interest as often online buffering takes too much time, and the exciting sections get delayed to watch.

The Advantages

Using the download option available on the platforms, one can download not only download the videos and watch them later, but they can be watched time and again without consuming extra internet data. Data saving is done this way, and the pinch in the pocket is not felt.

Using one of the many vivavideo platforms one can search movies, music, travel, adventure as well as educational videos and download them in their phones to be watched later. Streaming videos often take considerable time and often fails. With the phones becoming smarter, these applications had also become smart. Videos can be downloaded using them to be watched later.

One can skip the portions that might not be interesting and see the rest of the vivavideo saving time. The downloaded videos can be shared with many trough file sharing as well as other methods. One can also get some videos this way too and save the time for searching the required video online.


5 Best App For Earning Money

You will be surprised to know that there are various real ways of making genuine money online. All you will be required is lots of patience, lots of free time and patience to handle adverts. You don’t need to worry because these are not spammers. You will not get duped. There are various apps for this purpose. They will definitely not fill your bank accounts but will give you decent money. Waiting to know about these apps? Keep reading on!

  1. Pact

All you are expected to do is stick to your fitness and health goals. You will be asked to choose a task. You need to finish if off completely to earn some money. You may also get some rewards for sticking to your schedule. This money comes from the account of the user who failed to stick to his commitment or schedule. It can be anywhere around $2.

  1. Inbox Dollars

This app is supported in both android and iOS. Inbox Dollars will pay you a nominal amount of cash to complete surveys. These surveys will be emailed to you. You need to browse the internet and also play games. Once you are successful in hitting $30, you are permitted to withdraw your cash. Now you must be wondering from where Inbox Dollars gets this money to distribute. There are many advertisers who are waiting for people to watch their adverts.

The main motive behind doing this is to understand the consumer behavior. Inbox Dollars have a tie up with these advertisers. This is a simple and straightforward procedure. You will be intimated in advance about how long a survey will take. This will help you to manage your time and not wait endlessly to finish the survey. So far this app had been paid over $35 Million to its subscribed members.

  1. Fronto

Fronto is an app only supported in android mobile phones. This app will pay you to advertise on your mobile phones when they are locked. Adverts take place in the form of various surveys related to articles or products which are placed when your mobile phone is locked. You will get paid by just swiping left on the advertisements and the various links given. You will be aid in Fronto points. They can be translated around 2500 points for $1.

  1. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is an app supported in android devices only. Apple users won’t be able to install this app. Like the app Fronto, this app will also pay you to help it occupy the adverts related to real estate on your mobile’s locked screen. You will be paid an approx amount of $15 per month just to view those adverts. Isn’t it amazing? You will be paid if you will watch the advert or dismiss it. You will be paid for both the actions. At the end of the day you will get a notification informing you about the amount of money you have earned that day.


Traveling With Your Computer For Seniors

There are bags designed specially for the protection of your laptop. These bags have been equipped with special extra padded sections on the interior.

These padded surfaces have the primary task of protecting your laptop from dents, scratches, falls, and a number of other hazards that could lead to the damage of your laptop.

Laptop bags are available in different sizes and styles. There are even wheeled laptop bags that have a retractable handle that the user can use to pull the bag along.

Some types of rolling laptop bags have also been equipped with removable wheel frames. These bags give the carrier the opportunity to convert it into a backpack or a tote bag.

The converted bag can then be used at home or in the office since there is not much need for the bag to be mobile here.

Laptop bags can be made from different materials but the most popular and best material to date is still real leather.

Bags made out of real leather are not easily susceptible to wear and tear. They can withstand abuse, years of continued use, and unfavourable weather.

Also, these leather bags are available in a variety of textures and colours and that alone can infuse quality and beauty into any kind of laptop bag.

Also, you can easily clean off any minor aberration like scratches simply by using leather conditioner or saddle soap.

The damage can occur as a result of the bag being handled by an outsider who is not used to carrying such a bag around.

It is a well established fact that airports nowadays are a very crowded affair and it can become somehow confusing to even the most experienced traveller.

 Therefore, it will be a bother for you if you have to carry, manage, or tote another item or bag while handling your laptop bag at the same time you are switching planes PR trying to get on a form of public transport like busses and trains.

That is why there is a variety of styles for rolling laptop bags. Some of them have different compartments and this includes those designed for overnight travel.

The larger compartment gives you the added space to include your medications, books, clothing, and any amount of personal items. This is because sometimes, some personal items can get lost PR misplaced during the process of checking luggage.

Also, women travellers will no longer have to travel with a purse. Purses are a travel risk since there is always the possibility of them getting left behind or stolen.

You only have to worry about one bag and this bag can be rolled right alongside you. Beautiful, right?

The majority of this type of laptop bags also have very useful front compartments. These compartments can be used to hold smaller items that would have otherwise been carried along in a purse or wallet.

These items can be ID cards or bus or plane tickets.

The handle on these rolling laptop bags also serve another purpose other than to move the bags along.

With the use of these telescoping handles and other additional handles, the user can lift the bag or move it around in order to store it under sears or in upper compartments.

Some styles of rolling laptop bags even have another handle at the bottom of the bag and this provides the user with two handed handling.

This can come in very handy when you have to elevate the laptop bag into an overhead compartment.

Investing in a rolling leather laptop bag will be a wise investment for any travelling senior. Other than making your trip less stressful, thereby improving your physical health, your travel also becomes faster and more efficient.

Also, for business men and women, the use of leather bags can boost your professional outlook. Leather rolling laptop bags are an equipment for all seasons.

Techniques And Tips That Will Help Take Your Skills With Video Editing To A New Level

Being a professional video editor online is not easy. There are quite a lot of procedures and techniques to be mastered.

However, it is no an impossible venture. You can become a good professional online video editor by simply concentrating an amount of effort into it.

This article will present some techniques that can be used to achieve just this. By simply following the steps in this article, you will have already taken the first steps in learning like a pro.

Select The Very Best Software

The process of selecting a good software is a very important factor in learning online video editing. This is because the software must be selected based on some already established criteria.

These criteria will include your likes and preferences. This is because each video editing software is outfitted with its own unique features.

Therefore, you must examine the specifications of each type of software before making the final purchase decision. There are a lot of websites that you can consult in order to come up with a very good outcome.

Selecting The Right System

For you to become a professional video editor, you must understand that there are certain factors you have to get right. Chief of this is the fact that you must purchase an efficient and fast system.

You should carefully examine the specifications of the computer you want to purchase. You must ensure that the specifications are in line with your requirements.

Also, you should consider the storage drive of the computer. This is because a lot of online video editing software can only function at optimal capacity if they are operated on a computer with a large storage drive capacity.

The storage drive capacity will determine the total export, quick import, and rendering time. Also, I will strongly advise you to opt for a computer that has a large RAM. The RAM also, to some extent, determines the speed and operability of video editing software.

The computer you select should also have a quality video card. This determines the overall graphical quality of the program and the video being worked on.

Selecting The Right Operating System

This is an important factor irrespective of the online website you choose. An important factor for all operating systems is that they should support a wide range of applications and programs.

Mac or Windows can be a useful tool for video editing but you can also decide to opt for a much customized option.

Creating Your Keyboard Shortcuts

An important quality of a good video editor is that he should be faster than other video editors offering the same service online. Like i said earlier, the online video editing market is a very competitive one.

If you create convenient keyboard shortcuts, you will be able to save a lot of time in the process of editing videos. However, if you are relatively new to the site, you can instead download and print a copy of compatible shortcut cheats.

Every site has one of these. All you have to do to get one is to know the right people and push the right buttons. For some other websites, this cheat sheet is offered openly!

After procuring the sheet, you can then use it to work on any video editing project of your choice.

Enhanced Keyboard

A customized enhanced keyboard is a must have for all good video editor. Other sites even offer it as an essential tool.

For beginners, you can start by getting familiar with the shortcuts available on your keyboard. However, this is not the only option. A simple Google search will bring up more results.

There are a lot of options available for enhanced keyboards with customized settings. You can select one of this from any retail outlet or online hardware store.

You can purchase one with a wide variety of standard printed icons. On online stores, you can get an original and efficient video editor keyboard art a very affordable rate.

Familiarize Yourself With The Local Lingo

The video editing world is a very large industry. As a result of this, it has a lot of lingo options.

Therefore, it is quite important for you to understand a large amount of these terms. In fact, it is very essential to your professional existence and growth.

You can visit a lot of online forums online. These will give you the required and fundamental lingo lessons and tutorials.


There are a lot of factors you need to consider before venturing into video editing as a full time career. The points stated above are just a few of them.

The world of online video editing is a large one and it comes with an unlimited supply of challenges, same as is in the real world.

An advantage of using online resources is that you can utilize a system of techniques and tips available online.

Just visit the right professional sites and apply the techniques as stated there.

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